Branding, Logo, Identity, & Product Design


Herban is an indoor gardening system built for small living areas. The combined shelving unit and growing system has both form and function. Herban provides a place to grow your favorite herbs and plants on display and out-of-the-way along with a sleek and modern design.

A 3D rendering showed the final sketches of the product.



Research Book
This book provides the research behind the make and design of the Herban growing system. 

Brand Book
This book shows the branding system of Herban, it is made for not only the designers of the brand, but also customers and retailers who may want to get a better insight of the brand communications.


Subscription Box
After a purchase of a Herban gardening system, a customer is provided with a three month subscription to our company “monthly favorites” box. 

3D Rendering
To provide accurate measurements to our supplier, we have created a computer generated version of our product. This is also a great devise to show our online customers how the Herban growing system looks at every angle so they are content in their decision at point of purchase.